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Hiring Procedures

 Registration at EJobs International

An applicant should send an English version of his/her resume in MS Word format via email or fax by using the following methods:

 Interview with EJobs consultant

One of our experienced consultants will schedule an appointment to meet with the applicant. If this is not possible, consultation can be accomplished by phone or email.

 Presentation of potential positions

As applicable positions become available, applicants will be contacted to review and select the positions that they are interested in.

 Submission of resume to potential employer

With the applicant's permission, a copy of their resume will be presented to the prospective employer for review.

 Interview with potential employer

After a candidate review process has been completed by the prospective employer, an appointment will be scheduled  for the applicant to interview with them.


Upon recieving an offer from the employer,  employment arrangements will be made contingent on agreement and signing by both parties.